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Preventing SQL Injection in BizTalk

I was reviewing a solution recently using the BizTalk WCF-OracleDB Adapter and detected an interesting security vulnerability. Before you dismiss this as “I’m using SQL Server, I’ll be right mate”, this issue probably also affects the BizTalk WCF-SQL Adapter and … Continue reading


How to Change the Commands FtpWebRequest Sends

Below I discuss how I’ve worked around some limitations of the System.Net.FtpWebRequest to allow low-level customisation of the actual commands sent by the FtpWebRequest class. This allows resolution of a couple of issues, including: Customising the logon sequence (allowing support … Continue reading


FtpWebRequest is Broken

I’m going to take a brief break from helpful solutions to have a bit of a rant about FTP support in the .NET Framework. When all you have is hammers.. FTP as a protocol is pretty lousy, but its support … Continue reading


Zebras in System.Net.NetworkCredential

Ran into an interesting problem recently where some pretty straightforward FTP code was throwing a WebException on GetResponse when using correct server details. Looking a little further, the error indicated there was an Object reference not set to an instance … Continue reading